Student Information
Welcome and Enjoy!


Thank you very much for signing up to participate in the 2nd annual CSC Calgary Ignite - Student Design Competition. As a Student participant, not only will you be able to develop a creative, technically-sound submission with industry recognition and the chance of a monetary prize, but you will also have the
opportunity to meet other students and many industry members – possibly your future colleagues, 
employers and even Clients.

To launch Ignite, we will be hosting a Kick-off event on Friday, January 19, 2018 from 3:00pm – 6:00pm, at The Winston Golf Club located at 2502 6th Street NE, Calgary, AB. Students and Mentors to attend to receive programming input and motivation by the Client, “Animal Care Centre of Strathmore and Cochrane Humane Society” and to be divided into teams.

Together, with your team mates and the support of multiple mentors, you will work to complete the
following deliverables over this fast-paced weekend:


Provide a demountable and relocatable pavilion for an outdoor spring/summer event hosted in and around Calgary that integrates into the urban fabric of the community and incorporates sustainable
features. Create a pavilion that responds to the Client’s programming requirements, celebrates local communities and elevates the level of architecture found in demountable pavilions.

Design Requirements

•    Integration with social fabric
•    Promotes social interaction within the community for a scheduled outdoor spring/summer event
•    Cultivate community engagement and sense of belonging
•    Integrates into the urban fabric, allowing the design to understand its urban context

Design Parameters

•    Area less than 150 sq.ft.
•    Demountable and relocatable construction
•    Response that addresses at minimum three (3) Client programming requirements
•    Source materials and products that advocate responsible industry sourcing and environmental stewardship through such metrics as:
o    Forest Stewardship Council (FSC)
o    Low Volatile Organic Compound (VOC) emissions
o    Salvaged or recycled materials
o    Locally sourced materials

Submission Requirements

•    Teams to consist of a minimum of 1 team member from SAIT and 1 one from MRU selected
randomly by CSC Calgary’s Ignite Committee during the Kickoff Event; teams to consist of up to 4 team members
•    Executive Summary statement of how the design team approached the competition and arrived at their design solution (may include rationalization for scope changes for design outside of the provided criteria, such as size increase)
•    Design Documents to include 1 floor plan, 1 elevation and 1 section (may be conveyed through 3-dimensional drawings and/or renderings)
•    One specification section of a material integral to the design solution
•    Notebook used during design charrette signed by Mentors
•    Overall, summarized submission to be a compressed PDF of up to two 18” wide x 24” high sheets or one 24” x36” sheet size, orientation may be landscape or portrait (submission will be printed and mounted to foam core for display during the Awards’ Night) 

Evaluation Criteria

•    Completion of competition requirements /5
•    Evidence of Mentor support /5
•    Use of non-specific site /5
•    Quality of graphic material /5
•    Quality of written material /5
•    Quality of specification section /5
•    Quality of drawings /5
•    Quality of coordination between drawings and specifications /5
•    Use of requested material types /5
•    Innovation (can it be mass produced, is it easily assembled on site, is it demountable, etc.) /5
•    TOTAL SCORE /50

** In the event of a tie, the scores will be reviewed with the Judges’ Panel. The highest score for “Quality of specification section” and “Quality of coordination between drawings and specifications” will be used as a tie breaker.


•    1st Prize - $1,000
•    2nd Prize - $750
•    3rd Prize - $500

** Award Night to be held at Contemporary Office Interiors (COI) from 5pm – 8pm on Friday, February 9, 2018. All participants will be invited to attend.

Competition Location

•    Mount Royal University located at 4825 Mount Royal Gate SW, Calgary, Alberta.
•    Paid parking is available on site as well as multiple Calgary Transit bus stops and a C-Train Sta-tion.

What to Bring/What is Provided

•    Snacks and lunch will be provided on both days of the competition, though feel free to bring snacks, water, etc. to keep you fueled.
•    A “Design Starter Kit” donated by various industry suppliers will be provided to each team to start you off with notebooks, pens, etc. Give some thought to how you want to create your submission and plan accordingly, i.e. bring a laptop, paper, sketching materials, etc.

Competition Schedule

•    The Client, Mentors and Industry Resources will be available to all teams for consultation. The intent is for the mentor to participate in an on-going charrette process with the various student teams. Be sure to have each of your mentors sign your notebook at the end of each session. These signatures and comments are a large part of the overall scoring of the submissions.
•    Students will have time on Saturday from 9am-12pm to brainstorm and collaborate with team mates prior to the arrival of the Client, Mentors and Industry Resources. Client, Mentors and Industry Resources scheduled for Saturday, January 20th, 2018 are to be available from 12:00 pm to 5:00 pm.
•    Client, Mentors and Industry Resources scheduled for Sunday, January 21st, 2018 are to be available from 9:00 am to 12:00 pm. Final submissions are to be uploaded to Dropbox by 11:59pm on Sunday.


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